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Hot Air Fryers

Almost everyone has used a deep fryer or eaten a food that has been cooked in one. While deep fried food tastes great, it’s extremely unhealthy and can easily cause obesity or other health problems. Just use farberware oil less fryer and your fries will be healthier!

The Presto Hot Air Fryers and How it Works

If you really enjoy deep fried foods but want to enjoy them in a healthy way, there is a new option out there. Presto hot air fryers are the new kitchen appliances that can fry food without all the oil. These are becoming popular because they are so useful to have around and can help you enjoy your food once again.

Presto Fryers Use Oil

These do use oil, but they use far less than any deep fryer does. This cuts the fat in the foods you want to fry dramatically without making them taste bad. The air fryer uses hot air to actually cook the food in a way that tastes like frying. You can control the temperature based on the food you are making, so there are a lot of cooking options available. This is a really unique way to “fry” foods without ruining your diet or risking your health.

Types of Foods You Can Cook

The types of foods you cook are pretty much endless depending on what you want. French fries, chicken, chips or whatever else you can think of can be cooked in an air fryer. Just make sure you are cooking at the proper temperature. There are different cooking times and the machine will even turn off when it’s done cooking. This makes it really useful to have in a busy kitchen since most people have accidentally left their oven or fryer on when they weren’t paying attention.

Easy to Clean Fryers

One of the biggest benefits of this appliance, other than it frying in a healthy way, is that it is really easy to clean. When you use deep fryers you have to pour out the oil, strain it, store it and then clean all your oil-soaked tools. With this type of machine you can put everything into the dishwasher and be done. You won’t have to deal with oil all over your kitchen causing a mess, which is extremely difficult to clean up. These simply use a small amount of oil and hot air to cook foods from the inside to the outside.

Easy to Use Fryers

Even someone who doesn’t cook often can figure out how to use one of these. They don’t require that much effort and there are air filters in them to keep the air around you smelling good. These are also a lot less dangerous to have around than deep fryers that are filled with boiling hot oil. This is useful if you have small children or kids that tend to pull on cords when they aren’t supposed to.

This is a great type of appliance to have for everyday use, especially if you are on a diet. There is no need to deep fry everything you eat and risk your health as a result. You can still cook good food if you have appliances that make it a lot easier than before.

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